Premier organization of India in manufacturing a wide variety of aeroplane to suit personal as well as business needs of the people. The prices mentioned are of the complete aircraft, excluding the engines and instrumentation which will be negotiated with the customers of what make and model the engines should be at the time of placing the order. Similarly the instruments and avionics will be charged extra depending on the customers choice of digital or analog instrumentation while placing the order.

Since the planes are built as per order it may take minimum 5 months to get the plane ready for delivery. customers will be notified at various stages of aircraft building.

Since these are real airplanes all the laws of physics applies to its flights ,so the pilot is required to get a flying license from flying club anywhere in India . Company shall not be responsible for any deaths or fatalities occurring due to improperly educated flyer.

These are plans built aircraft and our company has maintained high quality standards of workmanship strictly adhering to the plans supplied by various companies without modifying any of them.

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